Episode 19: Conscious Equality with Karen Craggs

In this episode of The Ultimate Creative Podcast, Karen Craggs (the Oprah of Global Conscious Equality) gives us actionable steps to begin incorporating equality into our businesses right now.

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It’s important for me to say again, that equality is not a trend or a bandwagon that people should jump on and hop off whenever they feel like it. Equality is everybody’s responsibility, and I am certain that I have more work to do.

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I feel incredibly privileged to have met Karen a few months ago, when we started talking about what her podcast could look like, and I have learned so much from her since meeting her back in the spring!

Karen’s work is what we need now, what we have always needed, and what we will continue to need as we all move towards global conscious equality, which is Karen’s vision for our future.

I am thrilled to bring you this conversation Karen Craggs and I shared last Friday, and would love to know how you are bringing global conscious equality into your business!

Incorporating Conscious Equality Now

"The number one thing I would say is recognize that it doesn't matter what sector or field you're in, there is always more you can do to be conscious about how you address equality issues. Funding should not be an excuse for not doing things better. And I'll give you a very easy example for one thing that companies have done big and small that have made a difference.

"When they're hiring for a new position – a consultant, to support you in some way, people often ask questions about expertise. Where did you go to school? How many years experience do you have? But the question they don't ask is around values. Have you had experience or training around equality issues? What is your perspective on this? How would you treat a person in a certain situation?

"With one organization that I worked with for three and a half years, simply by implementing questions around values and screening out individuals who did not align with those values, we turned the entire organizational culture around. It wasn't the training that turned the culture around, It was hiring people who, who already believed in this work."

– Karen Craggs

Links mentioned in this episode:

Karen’s programs: https://www.karencraggs.com/

Twitter: @KarenCraggs
Instagram: Karen_Craggs
LinkedIn: Karen Craggs-Milne