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Big Chick Energy

I spend a lot of time with my comedy troupe Big Chick Energy. We write sketches, we do improv and we produce our own shows. We all met at Second City in Toronto taking improv classes, and life changed from sitting inside all day every day staring at a computer wishing I had a comedy troupe, to just being in a comedy troupe. We just make so many cool things.

Date Kate and Venture Shark

I study at Second City in Toronto. I started with the writing program after finding myself at 30 Rockerfeller Plaza in New York, hours away from premiering my first film, and realizing I needed to actually pursue my comedy dreams. So I did it, and enrolled in writing. Then I was scared shitless, so I enrolled in improv to be less afraid of people. Now I’m currently enrolled in the Conservatory program. Which is just so cool. I swear I learn so much every single week, I just look around me and think “WOW, I finally figured this out! I can’t believe I’m here, I’m so grateful!” It’s the best part of my week, learning how to be a better performer, writer, and creative. Now I have all of these super talented amazing creatives around me all the time, and they’ve been essential to me creating my two webseries Venture Shark and Date Kate (and don’t even ask how the hell it turned into webseries because I have no idea how this happened). I’m so lucky!

Impossible Horror is really a creative person’s life, no matter who you are. It’s never perfect.

I produced Impossible Horror with my partner and love of my life Justin Decloux. Not often do you hear successful love stories come out of indie filmmaking, because it is a greuling process full of therapy and tears. And hey if you want to learn about how we did it, we have blu-rays for sale with a very romantic commentary track! Also I wrote the score did the sound design, acted, did a few practical effects, edited the behind the scenes documentary and cooked the food.

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