2016 Annual Review


  • May, 2017


My Role(s):

  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer


Every year at ventureLAB we put out an annual review. This year I had the opportunity to lead the creative design on the project. Taking all of the exciting stats we could find from 2016, I put together a narrative both written and graphic to showcase ventureLAB’s accomplishments in 2016. I had some help to find the stats and definitely leaned on my boss Rachel Azagury for design (and moral) support to complete the project. The final outcome was a huge success and is now used as ventureLAB’s primary piece of marketing collateral.

To tie this book together I used the theme we created for the OCE Discovery expo booth in April of 2017: Song titles, slightly tweaked, to reflect (in my opinion) amazing dad jokes and puns that are such a far stretch it’s impossible not to laugh at them! I filled the book with a variety of these parodies. Some of my favourites included “Don’t stop believin’, hold on to that passion you have to build a support network for entrepreneurs and innovators!” (Journey) and “It’s a long way to the top, if you want to rock and grow an innovative community.” (AC/DC)

Seriously – a very far stretch, right? BUT SO FUNNY I couldn’t help myself!

Check out the book here.

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