• ventureLAB Collaborative Booth at OCE Discovery 2017


  • Winter – Spring, 2017, 4 months


My Role(s):

  • Conceptual Design
  • Project Management
  • Execution
  • Graphic Design
  • Logistics
  • Social Media


Every year, ventureLAB gets together with its collaborators York Region, York University and Seneca College to put together a showcase of innovative talent from York Region at the OCE Discovery conference. ventureLAB is a Regional Innovation Centre and Innovation Hub that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and connects them with large SMEs to create collaborative projects. OCE Discovery is one of the places we make the big connections each year.

In 2017 we reduced our booth size to half the footprint we’d had in years previous, which allowed for a more streamlined approach. In 2016 we ran an escape room from our booth to highlight the various innovation supports we engage with, so the reduction in size was an interesting challenge. We decided in a brainstorming meeting with our collaborative partners, to have attendees follow a timeline of sorts, which went from “starting with KD and ending with a steak dinner” and that sent the wrong message. I suggested song lyrics as an option since music a universal language, and developed a concept package noting each organization’s lyrics. With some back and forth we landed on some seriously funny dad-joke level parodies like “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of starting a business in York Region.” I mean, they were a real stretch but they made me laugh! And it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to Rick Roll an entire conference, right? We continued this theme in the ventureLAB 2016 Annual Review.

This expo was supported by a social media campaign over the two day conference and the streamlined design achieved the narrative flow we were hoping to accomplish. Overall, it was a great success.

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