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My Role(s):

  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer


I’ve always wanted to develop an interesting piece of collateral like this. My friend Jenny Tang, a mastermind graphic designer herself, created a portfolio years ago that was a fold out piece which I thought was really remarkable. So, I adapted the structure to fit the needs of ventureLAB, where my role is Manager, Marketing and Communications.

Each side of the fold out tells a piece of the entrepreneurial story as it relates to working with ventureLAB.

  1. “If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.” This is the attention grabbing moment, this quote asks the viewer to pick it up and learn more – what is the sign? What does it mean?
  2. “You have a growing business and we have a team of experts to help you.” At this point the viewer understands where she fits into the narrative and is compelled to find out what happens next.
  3. “ventureLAB is where talented entrepreneurs bring their innovations to market.” Now the viewer sees where ventureLAB fits into the narrative – if she has a brilliant idea (and I’m 100% sure she does!) she’ll read the next frame;
  4. A brief quote of success from one of the ventureLAB entrepreneurs we’ve helped. Now she can draw the two pieces together and understand the process, innovative entrepreneur + ventureLAB = success!
  5. “Start now at” is our call to action, that compels the entrepeneur to take the next steps to grow her innovative business.

The remainder of the card contains contact information, and when opened completely reads out a quote (one of my favourites), “Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.”

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