Global Impact Challenge Videos


  • Spring – Fall, 2017


My Role(s):

    • Producer
    • Editor
  • At ventureLAB
    • Content Marketer
    • Event Planner


During the day I’m the Manager, Marketing and Communications at ventureLAB. This project came about when I was working on developing the 2017 Global Impact Competition event as part of my role at ventureLAB, with external partner ReMAP Network. As part of this role I helped with social media, email campaigns, marketing strategies, logistics for the event, site visits, vendor recommendations, design consultation and more. While working on this event I put together a video as part of my role at ventureLAB to encourage applicants to the competition which you can check out below.

From that initial project I was asked to produce promo and recap videos outside of the normal scope of my role at ventureLAB, which is where my production company CANMAKE Productions came in. Justin and I were asked to put together a second promo video for the 2017 competition, below.

We took footage from the event which I organized through CrueTV, a very cool social enterprise that teaches digital skills. I had Justin edit two keynotes and three of the pitches from the competition, and I added some titles/sound effects to each video. Then, we produced two videos to help market the event for 2018. The recap video features many of the attendees and speakers, and highlights the importance of talking about a global solution for very serious world issues. I selected interview that would captivate an audience and make them feel like they needed to be part of this global uprising of exponential technology, and hopefully bring their big ideas out to the next competition.

The second video (titled Promo Video below) was a bit trickier to produce since we were dealing with international shoot locations and production companies in order to get our two winners, Zach and Ed, in the same place at the same time. I hired a crew in San Francisco to meet up with the ReMAP team and the winners at the Singularity Global Summit, put together the interview questions for the ReMAP team to ask and gave direction to the video team to make sure we achieved the look we were going for. Directing from far away was definitely a risk but with the budgets available, we made it work. The end result was fantastic and the video will be used as a promotional piece for the next Global Impact Competition in 2018.

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