• 2015 – 2017


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In 2015 I embarked on a journey with my partner Justin Decloux to create a horror film. Originally it was meant to be a very small production with the help of my friend April Etmanski, starring the both of us as two scream hunters. We planned to film on evenings and weekends over a few months.

What actually happened was a production much larger than we could have imagined, with a cast, crew, and a successful crowdfunding campaign.

After three weeks of midnight shoots, a lead actor who broke her leg requiring a quick replacement and a lot of fake blood all over my apartment, we finished principle photography, but that was just the beginning. Justin and I spent the next two years on post-production, shooting insert scenes, re-recording actor dialogue we weren’t able to capture on set and editing the visual and audio elements.

I had no idea what sound design entailed when I demanded to give it a shot – oh my god. I recorded most of the sounds in the film and added them back in using a small foley pit I built using bed foam in my apartment. I had April come over to re-create all of the footsteps on a piece of patio stone. Then, when I got sick of it, I used a sound library to fill out the rest of the sounds I wasn’t able to create. During this time I also wrote the score which was a beast of its own.

On October 16, 2017 we premiered at The Toronto After Dark Film Festival, a festival we never thought this film would screen in. After I put together¬†a big marketing campaign which included interviews with the principle cast & crew, we played to a sold out crowd of around 500 people. So far, people seem to love it! Going forward, we’ll continue to bring the film to more festivals over the next few months and seek out distribution.

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