EMERGE Promotional Video


  • July, 2017, 1 month


My Role(s):

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Editor


This promotional video was created for startup EMERGE, a company that is developing an app that allows people to sign up for a place in line at their local walk-in clinics or at the emergency room of the nearest hospital. To create this video I approached it with an initial consultation with the company and discovered that their target market was directed towards mothers with young children. In order to bring out the emotional connection between the target audience and the video, I developed two concepts, the winner being what you can see below.

The concept engages with the emotional distress a mother (or father) may feel, not knowing what could be wrong with their child. The video demonstrates the solution to this problem, quick and easy access to a platform that allows the parent to make an appointment with a local emergency room or walk-in clinic at a moment’s notice, which can significantly reduce the chances of contracting an additional virus while sitting in the waiting room – and having the time to cope with the stress.

Since the app is in development, I added screen mock-ups to demonstrate its functionality, using After Effects.

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